The Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you to Sara @ Bibliophagist Reviews, Suziey @ Of All The Books In All The Libraries and Catherine @ Book Wonderland Web for nominating me for this award! I am honestly so humbled that I got nominated by all of them because they are all someone whose writing I admire, blog posts I enjoy reading, and some of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of interacting with, please do go give theirs a look! 🙂

The Sunshine Blogger Award


The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are creative, positive, and inspiring while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.


  1. Thank the person/persons that nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions your nominator has given you.
  3. Nominate 11 other people and give them 11 new questions to answer.
  4. List the rules and display the award.


  1. What’s your perfect “me” time?
    Aside from reading, I enjoy watching Netflix (even though I’m awful at actually finishing any shows); some that I am watching right now are Queer Eye season 2, 13 Reasons Why season 2, and I am also patiently waiting for This Is Us season 2 to come to Canadian Netflix! I also enjoy baking and watching foodie, travel, and lifestyle vlogs on Youtube.
  2. Who’s your most-read author?
    J.K. Rowling; thank you Harry Potter 🙂
  3. What book are you always thinking about even though you read it a long time ago?
    To Kill a Mockingbird. It was the first classic piece of literature I have ever read and the message will stick with me forever.
  4. What was the happiest day of your life?
    I have had a lot of good days but don’t know if I know what the absolute happiest day of my life has been! I’d like to believe that every day holds the potential to be the best day of your life. But some happy days that will stick with me are when my little brother was born (& my sister but I was too young to remember it), the last time Italy won the World Cup and the atmosphere getting to celebrate it with SO many people in Little Italy, and when I visited California for the first time with my family- a place I had dreamt about for so long.
  5. If you could spend the day with any fictional character, who would it be and what would you do?
    I would spend it with Hermione Granger because I think we would make great friends. She would probably ask me if I’ve ever read Hogwarts, a History and get me to read it for half the day but it would be so worth it.
  6. If there’s one unfinished book/TV/any other medium series that you could have finished right now, which would it be?
    I need to finish Winter by Marissa Meyer, but it’s 800+ pages and I wasn’t into the last book of the series that I read so I feel very unmotivated to continue! I do love the first two books though, so I think I just have to be in the right mood to start this last one.
  7. You’re given the option of knowing the exact date and time of your death or staying blissfully unaware. Which do you pick?
    Unaware, all the way. The beauty of life is its unpredictability.
  8. If you were told you could be an expert in any one thing instantly, what would you pick?
    Probably photoshop and photo/video editing; I love photography and playing around with colour schemes. Also, I would love to make a Youtube channel one day but first I would like to be a bit more confident in my editing skills.
  9. What’s the most recent book that you were unable to (or struggled to) finish?
    The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory. You can read my rant here.
  10. If you had six months with no obligations or financial constraints, what would you do with the time?
    I would travel, probably all around Europe! Also I would think more deeply about my bucket list and get to checking off some things.


  11. Would you rather travel back in time and alter history or go to the future and find out how and when you die?
    I would rather alter history because I would be too paranoid having to live knowing how and when I die!
  12. Think of your favorite word. Recommend a book whose title corresponds with a letter in your favorite word. (For example, if your favorite word is CAN, you would recommend 3 books. One book title that begins with C, another title that begins with A, and a title that begins with N).My favourite word is ‘lovely‘:
    L- The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry
    O-  Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
    V- The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (a children’s book but a classic)
    E- Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon (not my personal fave but many others        seem to like it)
    L- A Little Princess by Frances Burnett (on my TBR)
    Y- You by Caroline Kepnes
  13. Who would win in an arm wrestling game, you or your best friend?
    My best friend, I don’t see myself winning that haha.
  14.  When was the last time you binge watched a show and what was it?
    A couple weeks ago I binged watched Queer Eye season 1. Amazing show 🙂
  15. What place would you never ever want to visit?
    I would never want to dive too deep into the ocean.. a) I’m afraid of the dark and b) there are some scary looking creatures down there.
  16. Have you met any celebrities before, and if so, who?
    I had a phase of really liking Ashlee Simpson (pre-lip synch fiasco) and she came to the mall once to do a signing so I made my mom take me. I have also met a few people from Degrassi.
  17. Do you hear yanny or laurel?
    I hear yanny! What does everyone else hear?!
  18. Is there anything you miss about your childhood?
    How carefree I could be, even though at the time all the worries I did have seemed huge.
  19. What is your favorite music genre?
    I guess pop, but I’m not picky! As long as it has a good beat, I’m all for it.
  20. What would be the title of your autobiography?
    The Perpetual Metamorphosis.
  21. What is the first/oldest memory you remember? 
    Waking up in my crib and my grandfather coming into the room to pick me up.


  22. What do you like most about running a book blog?
    I love interacting with so many people! I honestly feel like I have made friends on here, even though I haven’t met anyone in real life. It’s amazing how books/ other passions can bring people together!
  23. What is your favorite book friendship/relationship?
    Ou this is a tough one. One of my favourites is Ari and Dante’s in Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz . That book gave me soOo many feels.
  24. What is your favorite season, both to be in and to read about?
    To be in: Spring; to read about: Summer 🙂
  25. What author has never let you down with their books?
    Is it cheating if I say J.K. Rowling?  I gave the Harry Potter series all 5 stars except for Order of the Phoenix which I gave a 4- that is a lot of 5 star reads!
  26. Besides reading, what are your other passions?
    I love art: drawing, painting, making any DIY activity; and travelling! One of my favourite places I have been to is Amalfi, Italy. If you Google what it looks like there, you will totally understand why.
  27. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
    I have a list of places I would love to visit: Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Iceland & Australia! + a lot more that I could go on listing LOL.
  28. What are your top 3 books of all time?
    The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
    Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse
    The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
    * This was really hard but I just had to go with the 3 classics on my list because they’ve impacted me the most.
  29. What character’s life would you love to live?
    Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Yes, he had a difficult life in the beginning, but he inherited a chocolate factory. Need I say more?
  30. If you could turn any book into a movie, which would it be?
    Is The Hating Game by Sally Thorne becoming a movie? If not, that is definitely one I would love to see on the big screen! It was one of the first books I read when I started getting back into reading; I literally sat on the floor at a bookstore reading for like half an hour and then bought it because I was hooked.
  31. What is your reading routine? (food, drinks, location, book style, etc.)
    I can’t say I have a real routine, but I find it hard to eat while reading (unless I am listening to an audiobook) because I get too distracted going back and forth to flip the pages. Mostly, I read on the subway; its like a good hour of uninterrupted time a day where I don’t want to be bothered, but I do read a lot at home too- mostly just on my bed. And I don’t really have a book style, I just read whatever is calling to me at the moment!
  32. What are you currently reading?
    The Inexplicable Logic of My Life by Benjamin Alire Sáenz and loving it so far!I tag: Janille N G | The Readers Bay | Em |Angelica |Llama PunchJane | Erin Eliza | Jessica | Melanie | Caidyn & Chantel | The Story Teller

No pressure to answer the questions if you don’t want to or if you have done this before! I picked some questions from other people’s blogs that I liked for this one:


  1. Describe yourself in a single word.
  2. Where are you from, and what is the most common stereotype or misconception about your home town/region/country?
  3. Why did you start blogging? Is there a story behind the name of your blog?
  4. What is your favorite post you’ve written?
  5. If you could choose any superpower what would it be?
  6. What is one thing on your bucket list?
  7. If you could be any TV or book character for a day, who would you be and why?
  8. What was your favourite movie or TV show as a kid?
  9. What is your favourite type of food to eat?
  10. What is one song you will never get tired of listening to?
  11. What is the most adventurous thing you’ve done?




19 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

    • I heard Laurel once when the volume was low but then it got turned up and I started hearing yanny; it was the oddest thing! Ahahah yeah but unfortunately never met Drake 😂 and thank you! Thanks again for the nomination. I enjoyed answering your questions 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Aww thank you so so much for the tag, Catherine! I’m excited to think of my answers to your questions and write some questions of my own…definitely the perfect activity for the long weekend! 🙂 xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] about how problematic JKR is, Justine’s amazing rendition of our BW Mid Year Tag (!!!!), and our nomination for The Sunshine Blogger by Catherine. (These are the three we could think of off the top of our head, but […]


  3. tysm for tagging me!!!!!! OSCAR WILDE is sooo influential for me too!!!!! also I need to read the inexplicable logic of my life, I’m so scared to read anything over than Ari and Dante!!!!! 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome!!! Honestly I had so many emotions from The Picture of Dorian Gray, I just want to hold that book with me forever 😭 I love his writing. I just finished The Inexplicable Logic of My Life and it was so so good, you’ll like it if you like friendship themes!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Lovely post (😉)! I loved reading your responses. And I hear “laurel” haha; I literally could not hear “yanny” no matter how hard I tried to. 😂😩 And I completely agree with your answer to #23 – although I’m pretty new to the book blogging community, I love it already! Everyone is so supportive and kind, and I love interacting with you guys in comments. 💗

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 😊 it’s so funny how divided people become when you tell them you hear Laurel vs Yanny LOL I had this whole debate with my coworkers about it because half of us heard each thing! And right?! I’ve never experienced so much support from a group of people who don’t even know me. It has definitely enriched my life. I really appreciate your beautiful comment 💕

      Liked by 1 person

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