Tag: Three Day Lyrical Challenge | Day 2

Before I get into Day 2, I just want to say a huge thank you to Sara for tagging me in this challenge. It’s really nice to talk about something other than books on my blog and hopefully connect with other people on some other hobbies of mine.

The rules are simple:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Share one of your favorite song/lyrics one at a time for three days.
  3. Nominate three other bloggers each day.

Drops of Jupiter

You know what the most special thing about this song is to me? It never gets old. I could listen to it on repeat for 24 hours and still come out loving it. When I first heard it, I never really thought much about the meaning behind the lyrics – they kind of don’t make sense if you are trying to conjure up on your own what the narrative was meant to be. However, I had heard many years ago that the lead singer, Pat Monahan, wrote this in memory of his late mother who died from cancer. In an interview, he said, “Loss of the most important person in my life was heavy on my mind, and the thought of ‘what if no one ever really leaves? What if she’s here but different. The idea was, she’s back here in the atmosphere.”

It is sometimes through loss that we find the strength to discover ourselves, and I think that is the message he was trying to convey with this song. To believe that those you love never really leave, but that they are back here in the atmosphere is such a beautiful mentality to have when trying to cope with a significant loss, and it makes me appreciate the song even more.

Now that she’s back in the atmosphere
With drops of Jupiter in her hair, hey, hey
She acts like summer and walks like rain
Reminds me that there’s a-time to change, hey, hey
Since the return of her stay on the moon
She listens like spring and she talks like June, hey, hey
Hey, hey
But tell me
did you sail across the sun
Did you make it to the Milky Way
to see the lights all faded
And that heaven is overrated?
Tell me
did you fall from a shooting star
One without a permanent scar
And did you miss me while you were
looking for yourself out there?
Now that she’s back from that soul vacation
Tracing her way through the constellation, hey, hey
She checks out Mozart while she does tae-bo
Reminds me that there’s a-room to grow, hey, hey, yeah
Now that she’s back in the atmosphere
I’m afraid that she might think of me as
Plain ol’ Jane, told a story about a man
who is too afraid to fly so he never did land
But tell me
did the wind sweep you off your feet
Did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of day
And head back to the Milky Way
And tell me, did Venus blow your mind
Was it everything you wanted to find
And did you miss me while you were
looking for yourself out there
Can you imagine no love, pride, deep-fried chicken
Your best friend always sticking up for you
Even when I know you’re wrong
Can you imagine no first dance, freeze-dried romance
Five-hour phone conversation
The best soy latte that you ever had, and me
But tell me
did the wind sweep you off your feet
Did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of day
And head back toward the Milky Way?
And tell me
did you sail across the sun
Did you make it to the Milky Way to see the lights all faded
And that heaven is overrated?
And tell me
did you fall from a shooting star
One without a permanent scar
And did you miss me while you were
looking for yourself
Na-na, na-na, na-na
Na-na, na-na, na-na
And did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of day?
Na-na, na-na, na-na
Na-na, na-na, na-na
And did you fall from a shooting star?
fall from a shooting star?
Na-na, na-na, na-na
Na-na, na-na, na-na
And are you lonely looking for yourself out there?

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Tag: Three Day Lyrical Challenge | Day 1

Thank you so much to Sara for tagging me to participate; I love writing posts like this! Sara is one of the kindest, most dedicated bloggers and she is such an inspiration to me so please check out her posts and consider giving her a follow ❤️

The rules are simple:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Share one of your favorite song/lyrics one at a time for three days.
  3. Nominate three other bloggers each day.

Why Georgia
John Mayer

This song gives me way too many feelings. Not gonna lie, I think I have even cried to it before. Generally, I am a very happy and upbeat person – one of my friends even nicknamed me ‘Sunshine’ because I’m always so positive. But to be honest, a lot of the time I literally have no clue what I’m doing and am very nervous about my future and whether or not I have made the right choices thus far.

When I was younger, I thought I would have a lot more figured out by now than I do, and I think the biggest shock of growing up is coming to terms with the fact that you will never have it all together. My favourite line in the whole song – and quite possibly any song, ever – is, “Still “everything happens for a reason” is no reason not to ask myself if I am living it right.” I always tell myself that everything happens for a reason; it’s my go-to justification for anything bad that happens to me. However, that line of thinking can sometimes be dangerous because it creates excuses for your actions or the actions of others. I will probably always believe that everything happens for a reason, but I never want to be too comfortable in justifying why they do; I always want to keep asking myself if I am living it right.

I am driving up 85 in the
Kind of morning that lasts all afternoon
I’m just stuck inside the gloom
4 more exits to my apartment but
I am tempted to keep the car in drive
And leave it all behind
‘Cause I wonder sometimes
About the outcome 
Of a still verdictless life
Am I living it right?
Am I living it right?
Am I living it right?
Why, why Georgia, why?
I rent a room and I fill the spaces with
Wood in places to make it feel like home
But all I feel’s alone
It might be a quarter life crisis
Or just the stirring in my soul
Either way I wonder sometimes
About the outcome
Of a still verdictless life
Am I living it right?
Am I living it right?
Am I living it right?
Why, why Georgia, why?
So what, so I’ve got a smile on
But it’s hiding the quiet superstitions in my head
Don’t believe me
Don’t believe me
When I say I’ve got it down
Everybody is just a stranger but
That’s the danger in going my own way
I guess it’s the price I have to pay
Still “everything happens for a reason”
Is no reason not to ask myself if I
Am living it right?
Am I living it right?
Am I living it right?
Why, tell me why,
Why, why Georgia, why?

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Reading Habits Book Tag!

Thank you to Sam for tagging me for this! Go check out her blog as she writes some great reviews and is super sweet 🙂 I was really happy to be tagged for this because book tag posts are some of my favourite to write. So, without further ado let’s just get into it:

1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading? I do! I love reading on my bed or sometimes on the couch under a huge blanket.

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper? Bookmark for sure, I try to avoid using random pieces of paper if I can. I got some really cute bookmarks recently from Jade over at her Etsy shop and I have been using them a lot. If you want to read more about them and how you can get some too, you can read my post here! My favourite has to be the magnetized bookmark.

3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/ a certain amount of pages? I like to stop after I finish a chapter, but if I can’t for whatever reason, I would prefer to stop after a page that ends with a period. Super weird, buuut I hate not remembering where I left off!

4. Do you eat or drink while reading? I can drink while I read, but eating is another story. Way too much multitasking involved in that!

5. Multitasking: Music or TV while reading? Neither. I get distracted so easily, I need complete silence.

6. One book at a time or several at once? One at a time, mostly. When I read more than one at a time, it’s usually a physical book and an audiobook just to have some variety.

7. Reading at home or everywhere? I have the potential to get a lot more reading done at home, but I bring a book with me everywhere so I can do/ enjoy doing both.

8. Reading out lout or silently in your head? Silently, unless I am reading to someone.

9. Do you read ahead or even skip pages?  I don’t read ahead because seeing possible spoilers demotivates me from seeing a book through. And I wouldn’t say I skip pages, but if the book is really boring then I may skim to get the torture over with faster.

10. Breaking the spine or keeping it like new? Break the spine?! What kind of monster breaks the spines of their books deliberately…

11. Do you write in your books? Nope! But I do sticky-note in them.

Does anyone else have any similar habits? Complete opposite? Let me know!

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No pressure if you don’t want to do it! And if anyone wants to do it that I haven’t tagged, feel free to tag me in your post so I can read your answers 🙂



FIFA World Cup Book Tag!

Thank you to Angelica @ The Book Cover Girls for tagging me in this!  This tag was created by Rendz @ Reading with Rendz and I think it is such a good idea considering all the excitement surrounding the World Cup right now. Go check out their blogs when you get a chance!!


  • Link back to this post so I can read all your wonderful answers!
  • Answer the questions the best that you can!
  • Tag a few friends at the end to keep this tag going!
  •  Have fun!

Time for kick off!!!

Let the Flags Fly

Wave them high and proudly!!! Look at all the fun colours!!!
A Book from your World Cup Competing Country/ the Country that You Want to Win!

Unfortunately neither of my teams made it to the world cup this year (Canada & Italy) so I’m going to go for another team, Sweden, who are currently surprising me!

Image result for A Man Called Ove

A Man Called Ove by J.C. Cervantes

This book is on my TBR. It’s about a grumpy old man who basically the whole neighborhood dislikes, but he has a very sad past that made him turn cold that no one knows about. Then, he gets new neighbors, a family that welcomes him as their own into their lives and you see Ove’s walls begin to break down. I watched the movie, which is in Swedish, and it was absolutely beautiful. Usually I wouldn’t feel compelled to read a book after I know what happens from the movie (I like doing things the other way around) but I think this one is worth it.

It’s The Beautiful Game

Football! Soccer! Beautiful! Whatever you call it!
A book with a pretty cover / A book that features soccer

The Secret Garden Book Cover Picture

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

This cover edition is so beautiful to me. It looks like it was embroidered directly onto the page, and the colour scheme is so simple but elegant.

Ferocious Fans

Face paint! Big signs! Lots of noise!
Name a fandom you love being a part of!


I mean, this is self explanatory. It wouldn’t be a true post if I didn’t include Harry Potter somewhere, so here you go!

Teamwork! Teamwork! Teamwork!

There is no way one person can win the game!
Name your Favourite Bookish Crew / A Book that has Co-Authors!


Autoboyography by Christina Lauren

I didn’t know until after I read this that Christina Lauren are actually two people! What an amazing duo, I really enjoy their writing style. It had the power to evoke so much emotion from me.

Ref Blows the Whistle

You either love him or you hate him.
Name a book/character that you mixed feelings towards!


The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

Morgan Matson is one of my favourite authors, but the main character in this book, Andie gave me mixed feelings. At the beginning she was really relatable, smart, and likable, but after she got a boyfriend she gained this weird attitude that I didn’t like.


Everyone loses their heads and starts yelling at the top of their lungs!
Name your last 5 star read!


I Liked My Life by Abby Fabiaschi

I was not expecting to like this one so much, but there is a reason it was a Goodreads Choice Nominee in 2017. You can see my review for it here.

The Gold Cup

It’s what we play for.
The Most Coveted/Loved Book On Your Shelf


Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

I get a lot of my books from the library, but one that I own which I really love is this one. I ugly cried to this book; I even let 3 of my friends borrow it in the hopes that they would like it just as much as I did.

I tag: Catherine | Bibi | Jill | Lily | Mandy | Kay | Ashley |

& literally anyone who wants to do this!

Feel free to do the tag if you want, but if you don’t that’s cool too 🙂



The New Disney Princess Book Tag

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but as you can probably tell from the title, I’m doing a Disney Princess book tag. I saw this tag on Tavleen @ Travelling Through Words blog and decided to give it a go!

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The Rules:

  • Mention where you saw the tag/thank whoever tagged you because that’s always good fun.
  • Tag Book Princess Reviews and Zuky with our posts so we can check out the wonderful Princess fun throughout the blog world (Mine is this link and Zuky’s is here).
  • Play a game of tag at the end!

Snow White


This book (like the movie) started it all
Favorite Debut Book From an Author




The Hating Game by Sally Thorne is a very well done contemporary romance in my opinion. I really enjoy the ‘hate to love’ trope, and this one is executed well. I can’t wait for her next book, 99 Percent Mine, that’s supposed to come out next year.


cinderella tag

A diamond in the rough
Just Like Cinderella, You Either Didn’t Expect Much Out of This Character in the Beginning But Turned Out to Be a Total Jem




Samantha Kingston from Before I fall by Lauren Oliver. I expected her to be a really mean girl throughout the book because that’s how she was portrayed at the beginning, but by the end you get to see another side of her.



Sleeping Beauty
A Book That Makes You Sleepy or Just Could Not Hold Your Attention




The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena is one that I really wanted to love but I just couldn’t get into it. I probably read about 60-70% before I decided to put it down, which I rarely do. I just couldn’t connect with the parents, and that was a major thing in the book in order to stay interested in them finding their daughter.


ariel tag

Under the sea
A Book With a Water/Ocean Setting




I haven’t read too many books with water/ ocean settings which definitely needs to change as Ariel is one of my favourite princesses. However, Summer Constellations by Alisha Sevigny is set on a campground with a lake; how pretty is the cover art on it?


belle tag

Beauty and the Beast
Name a Book With the Best Bookworm/Book Lover




I would say Joe from You by Caroline Kepnes is a book lover- after all, he does work at a book store. But he’s also a psychotic stalker and killer, so he’s definitely not the best!



The Thief and the Princess
Name a Book with an Unlikely Love Story (Either in Terms of Romance or a Book You Didn’t Expect to Love So Much)




I really did not expect to love Cinder by Marissa Meyer so much! It was floating around my Goodreads timeline for the longest time, so I decided on a whim to pick it up and it was great!



The real life Princess
Name a Book that is Based on a Real Life Person You Want to Read/Have Read



Let’s just call this one ‘the real life Prince’ because I think this book deserves a mention. Rarely do I pick up non-fiction, but When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi is something I have wanted to read for a long time. It is an autobiography based on Kalanithi’s diagnosis of stage IV lung cancer at the age of 36; he died while working on this book. I’m planning on getting to it soon and I already know I am going to need lots of tissues nearby when I do.



The Princess that saved her country
Name the Fiercest Heroine You Know




Felicity Montague from A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee is one of my favourite heroines. She is getting a book from her perspective, A Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy, coming out later this year too which I am excited about!



tiana tag

The Princess with the coolest and most diverse crew
Name a diverse book whether it is a diverse set of characters (like Tiana’s group of Naveen, Louis, Ray, and more) or just diverse in general




The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli has many diverse characters and it is a book I ended up really enjoying.



Let your longggg hair down
Name the Longest Book You’ve Ever Read




According to Goodreads, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling is the longest book I have ever read. I have some longer ones on my TBR that I have been putting off, so maybe this will change soon.



I determine my own fate
A Book Where There is No Love Story/Interest or Isn’t Needed




We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson, to my recollection, has no love story whatsoever. This question made me realize that I read a lot of books with a love element though so I would really like to branch out and read other types of plot lines.

Anna/ Elsa

Image result for anna and elsa

Frozen Hearts
A Book in a Winter/Cold Setting




Blue by Danielle Steel takes place mostly in winter. They even had the cover done to reflect it.


moana head

How far I’ll go
A Character That Goes on a Journey




Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse is all about a man going on a journey to find inner peace. I love this so much, I could talk about it for days. What strikes me as concerning though is how I haven’t read a book about a woman going on a journey, which needs to change. I am in need of good recommendations!

I Tag:

Emma & Traci @ The Caffeinated Chapter

Paige & Meg @ YA Books Daily

Sanjula & Reet @ The Blue Moon Archives

-Catherine 🙂