Bookish Merch Review: Drink Coffee & Read Books on Etsy

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Jade over at Drink Coffee and Read Books who has a lovely Australian-based Etsy shop where she sells bookish items like handmade bookmarks, candles, and wax melts. Jade was kind enough to send me some bookmarks that she made so that I may review them for you. All opinions expressed in this post are my own and are true and honest.


So before I get into the bookmarks themselves, I just want to touch upon customer service and delivery because those things occur before actually seeing the items and I think it is an important part of business. Throughout the whole process, Jade was extremely kind, attentive, and quick to respond to me; I couldn’t have dealt with a more professional person. I live in Canada, and from the time she sent them out, the items shipped to me in about a week. I was honestly expecting it to take longer due to our distance (which I would have been okay with) but it came before I knew it. Inside the package were my products and also a little card detailing the items I got, which I thought was great as it showed utmost organization and attention to detail. Just on these things alone, I already felt really good about the shop and I was excited to open my package!


The first bookmark that Jade made for me was from her Author Series which features different authors and some of their famous quotes. Since The Picture of Dorian Gray is one of my favourite books, I got one from the Oscar Wilde collection. However, she also has Virginia Woolf, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Edgar Allan Poe collections. All bookmarks in the Author Series are $2.68. My bookmark is double-sided with Oscar Wilde’s photo and quote on one side and his name on the other. I am very pleased with the quality and durability of this bookmark; it is laminated and very sturdy and I think it is worth the price.


The next bookmark that I got was from the Unique Bookmarks collection. This one is $3.45+, one-sided, and printed on card stock paper which is quite thick. Again, I got one with an Oscar Wilde quote but there are other options as well. I thought that the design and writing were really pretty and look just like the picture on the website. I can’t wait to use this one and admire that quote all the time.


The last one that I got is one of the Unique Butterfly Magnetic Bookmarks. This is the one I was most excited for as I have never had a magnetic bookmark before. These ones are $3.83+ and come in blue, silver, or white and are laminated with two magnets attached to either side of the bookmark. At first, even though I was excited, I was also a bit scared because I wasn’t sure how strong the magnet would be and I worried about it possibly being too strong and ruining the page of my book. However, upon trying it out, it is literally so delicate with the perfect strength to hold the page while not causing damage to it. It’s also pretty cool because you can fan it out straight and use it as a regular bookmark if you want.


I highly recommend checking out and purchasing from Drink Coffee and Read Books. The products are excellent quality for your money and Jade is extremely professional. In addition, 10% of the profits each month go to organizations like Sea Turtle Foundation, PETA, and Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) to help protect Port River Dolphins in Adelaide, Australia. 

Thank you to Jade for sending me these products; I would highly recommend her shop to anyone looking for some cute bookish merch.

Rating Scale- hearts

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Catherine 🙂



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